What Millennials Want – Trending Swag

Who are millennial customers? And what do they really want? Businesses everywhere have posed this question and brainstormed about it at nauseam, as the millennial customer continues to dictate trends and spending habits. According to Accenture, the roughly 80 million millennials in the U.S. spend approximately $600 billion on shopping. Doesn’t that seem like a number your… Read More

Eco-Friendly Products: Popular Branded Promotional Products

Corporate social responsibility is all the rage – even when it comes to branded merchandise. After all, environmentally conscious and eco-friendly promotional products are a great way to convey specific brand messages and enhance logo visibility while simultaneously showcasing the company’s care and concern for planet Earth. Recycled, Reclaimed, Renewed Items Eco-friendly promotional products come… Read More

When it Comes to Environmental Responsibility, Don’t Just Say it. Show it.

* Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the movie The Guilt Trip and have any intention to, skip ahead to paragraph six * Who would’ve predicted Barbara Streisand as the source for the best piece of “stand by your product” advice I’ve ever heard? While road-tripping with her son Andrew, an inventor/chemist pitching his organic… Read More